The vision of the Association for Sustainable Development is to make the area of ​​Southeast Europe a synonym for an energy sustainable, economically strong and environmentally responsible region in which every member of the community contributes to its realization.

The mission of our organization is that our work, experience, academic knowledge, domestic and international references that we have as well as other qualities that we have as legal and natural persons, cooperating at the same time with citizens, media, business and public sector, jointly participate in promotion and apply cleaner and sustainable energy that will contribute to economic empowerment and environmental responsibility.

Objectives of the organization:
The goal of the Association is to promote the concept of sustainable development through energy, economic and environmental sustainability.

In order to achieve its goals ASOR:
1. Implements projects and actions with the aim of promoting the concept of sustainable development;
2. Collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of sustainable development;
3. Cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad dealing with sustainable development and related fields;
4. Publishes texts, brochures and other publications on sustainable development;
5. Affects raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development;
6. Organizes gatherings, seminars and conferences in the sphere of its activity;
7. Provides consulting services in the field of sustainable development;