ASOR is a NGO founded by experienced professionals and experts with international experience, proven in the fields of energy, energy policy, ecology and research, development and implementation of renewable energy projects and young, educated people dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and global issues of sustainable development.

We are connected by enthusiasm in recognizing problems, in creating projects and implementing activities that lead to concrete, applicable solutions whose benefits are reflected in everyday life.
ASOR strives to unite organizations, economic factors and scientific research institutions of our country as well as prominent individuals, not excluding organizations and individuals from abroad, in the implementation of projects that contribute to sustainable development, better understanding of the need to preserve our resources, rational use of energy and especially the use of all types of renewable energy in the territory of Southeast Europe.
The idea of ​​establishing ASOR came from the employees of Energowind, a company that has been developing wind farms in Serbia since 2004. The wish of us, the founders of ASOR, is to achieve a significant impact on the community through this type of social entrepreneurship.
Several important factors were especially taken into account when establishing ASOR. The growing need for energy, the need for national self-sufficiency in the field of energy or at least the exemption from energy imports as much as possible, the vision that with the growth of economic production will grow the need for energy in Serbia, the need for economic and general social sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
In its work, ASOR relies on the goals set by the Sustainable Development Agenda by the United Nations as an organization that makes an immeasurable contribution to achieving overall sustainability. ASOR pays special attention to objectives 7 (available and sustainable energy) and 11 (sustainable cities and communities).


Also, ASOR is guided by the goals set by the European Union in the European Green Deal with the ultimate goal of making Europe the first CO2 neutral continent by 2050, resulting in a cleaner environment, more affordable energy, smarter transport, new jobs and overall better quality of life.

ASOR is a meeting place for civil society organizations, science, politics and business. With the support of partners, ASOR is engaged in the following activities:

EDUCATION for a cleaner and healthier environment
The ASOR team has prepared educational packages on sustainable development for various target groups - from primary and secondary school students, businessmen and farmers, civil society organizations to public administration and local governments.

ADVOCACING for politics, we represent the interests of citizens
Involving citizens in processes of public importance is essential for the country's sustainable energy future. ASOR is active through the dissemination of knowledge, analysis and advocacy of concrete solutions in the field of sustainable energy policy.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT through the application of knowledge in the field of sustainable development
We recognize real problems and, based on the defined goals of the project, we apply scientific practice in order to find concrete solutions.

CONSULTING for green growth
The team of ASOR experts provides business advice in the design, preparation and implementation of projects in the field of RES use and energy efficiency for the needs of the economy and other stakeholders.

The work of ASOR is public and we will highlight all our activities through our website. The Association for Sustainable Development is also open for cooperation with all individuals, organizations, companies, scientific and research institutions that share our goals and have good will and contribute to the creation of a sustainable community. Join us in achieving these goals, which we consider especially important and worth the efforts of each individual and organization.

We believe that by working together we can create a sustainable, strong and responsible community.