Nacionalni konvent o EU

The Association for Sustainable Development participates in the work of the National Convention on the European Union through membership and work in the working group 15. Energy.

The National Convention on the European Union is a platform of civil society that represents the interests of the citizens of Serbia in all phases of the European integration process.

The National Convention on the EU is an association of associations created with the aim of maintaining and promoting dialogue between representatives of the state administration, political parties, non-governmental organizations, experts, the economy, trade unions and professional organizations on Serbia's accession to the European Union. Our mission is to monitor, analyze and evaluate the progress in the accession process, to advocate and present to the citizens of Serbia the benefits and costs of membership in the European Union.


The Association for Sustainable Development has been a member of the SeeNet network since the summer of 2017. SeeNet is a network of Southeast Europe for natural resources, energy and transport and brings together 36 organizations from Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, * Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria dealing with natural resources, sustainable energy and sustainable transport.

The SeeNet network helps its members through workshops and workshops organized by them regarding the development of various skills, through the provision of media support and through mini grants that it provides to its members. It is important to point out that the director of ASOR, Borivoje Matić, in 2021 will perform the role of associate on the project implemented by SeeNet, and thus the participation of ASOR in this network is even stronger.


Association for sustainable development (ASOR) is a certified supporter of the Covenant of Mayors, the world’s largest movement for local climate and energy actions.
Signatories endorse a shared vision for 2050: accelerating the decarbonisation of their territories, strengthening their capacity to adapt to unavoidable climate change impacts, and allowing their citizens to access secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

The EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local governments voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives.
The Covenant of Mayors was launched in 2008 in Europe with the ambition to gather local governments voluntarily committed to achieving and exceeding the EU climate and energy targets.
Not only did the initiative introduce a first-of-its-kind bottom-up approach to energy and climate action, but its success quickly went beyond expectations.
The initiative now gathers 9,000+ local and regional authorities across 57 countries drawing on the strengths of a worldwide multi-stakeholder movement and the technical and methodological support offered by dedicated offices.

The Global Covenant of Mayors is capitalising on the experience gained over the past eight years in Europe and beyond, and is building upon the key success factors of the initiative: its bottom-up governance, its multi-level cooperation model and its context-driven framework for action.