ASOR wants to use its programs to transfer its knowledge, experience and know - how to citizens, as well as to the business and public sector. In its work, ASOR recognizes the following programs:

1. Energy for information and education

The ASOR team has prepared educational packages on sustainable development for various target groups - from primary and secondary school students, businessmen and farmers, civil society organizations to public administration and local governments.

2. Advocacy Energy

By advocating for politics, we represent the interests of citizens. Involving citizens in processes of public importance is essential for the country's sustainable energy future. ASOR is active through the dissemination of knowledge, analysis and advocacy of concrete solutions in the field of sustainable energy policy.

3. Energy for Research and Development

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT through the application of knowledge in the field of sustainable development We recognize real problems and, based on the defined objectives of the project, we apply scientific practice in order to find concrete solutions.

4. Energy consulting

The team of ASOR experts provides business advice in the design, preparation and implementation of projects in the field of RES use and energy efficiency for the needs of the economy and other stakeholders. With energy for consulting, we want to accelerate green growth.