The Forum is part of a broad initiative to promote capacity building in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, in line with legal provisions and national energy efficiency action plans. The aim of this forum is to provide innovations and new approaches in the implementation of energy efficiency projects at the local level. In the search for sustainable, equitable and innovative models of connected cities, state and municipal leaders around the world follow the experiences of other cities in search of ideas and study best practices, although there is no single solution that suits everyone. Therefore, the speakers of the Forum were from different spheres, but all together they surrounded the topic of smart cities and shared their experiences in these areas. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Kopečni, representative of ASOR, stressed that even the most developed countries such as the United States and Austria recognize the importance of increasing energy efficiency in the use of renewable energy sources and the need not to be more energy efficient large cities but also smaller towns and villages. Gussing case, Austria.