Green world conferences, organized the conference Balkan Green Energy Leaders in Belgrade from March 17 to 18, 2016. This event, which brought together top energy leaders from all Balkan countries in the field of sustainable energy, emphasized the use of renewable energy opportunities and barriers faced by investors in the areas of wind energy, hydropower, solar energy and biomass. During the two-day talks and exchange of experiences, the fourth annual GVC conference, this year, included, among other things, an analysis of the legislative framework in the field of renewable energy sources in the region. Maja Turković from the Association for Sustainable Development, participated in the panel "Leadership Discussion: Development of Renewable Sources is the Balkans - a Constant Headache or Great Long-Term Perspectives", and moderated in the second panel "Expert Insight: Investment and Financial Solutions for Market Stability", which attended by representatives of ERSTE Bank, Allen & Overi and GE Global Growth & Operations.