The Association for Sustainable Development, as a long-standing member of the SEENET network, had the honor of hosting and organizing the three-day official assembly of SEENET in 2022. At the suggestion of ASOR, this event took place in the special nature reserve Deliblatska Peščara, from August 5 to 7, 2022.

The meeting was attended by members of five member organizations: Eco-awareness (Macedonia), Center for the Environment (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Green Home (Montenegro), Association for Sustainable Development - ASOR (Serbia) and Society for the Study and Protection of Birds of Serbia.


Official SEENET Assembly 2022

As every year, the SEENET network meeting ended with the annual assembly attended by representatives of eight member organizations, some of whom joined via the online Zoom platform.
At the meeting, the first strategic plan of the network was presented and opened for discussion, announcing a new beginning and a move towards more concrete joint activities in the future.

The organizers of this year's meeting are especially grateful for the help of Andreja Stanković and Steva Miletić, volunteers from ASOR, who completed the meeting and brightened the atmosphere with their positive energy.