"Renewable energy policy consensus" - REPCONS, is a project funded by the European Climate Foundation.

The project is implemented by civil society organizations NERDA from Bosnia and Herzegovina, ASOR from Serbia and CLEAN from Montenegro. The main goals of the project are to accelerate the energy transition process by defining energy policy priorities, initiating dialogue and building consensus within the expert community on policy proposals, in order to improve the process of regional cooperation in the sector.

The governments of the Western Balkan countries have committed themselves to a number of international agreements to implement the energy transition process, with a special focus on the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Although the potential is great, especially in the production of energy from renewable sources, numerous analyzes of the current situation in the region show that the process of energy transition is not far advanced and that efforts should be intensified.

The project "Platform for Expert Dialogue on Regional Policies in the Field of Renewable Energy Sources" (Renewable Energy Policy Consensus - REPCONS), which will be implemented in the next year in three countries in the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro), should to encourage a faster process of energy transition through defining energy policy priorities, establish a dialogue of experts in the region to support policy making for the development of renewable energy sources in line with the Energy Community guidelines 2030-2050, and to strengthen regional cooperation in this area.

Professor Mirza Kusljugic from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tuzla and regional expert on the REPCONS project, said today in Belgrade: "Through the implementation of this important regional project we expect to identify policies and measures that encourage accelerated development of renewable energy sources and contribute to integrated climate and energy planning in the countries participating in the project. We also intend to establish a regional platform for dialogue of experts, and at the same time we plan to create a base of experts involved in the development of key energy policies in these three countries. All these activities will also lead to the improvement of cooperation between partner countries aimed at strengthening the regional perspective in the process of drafting the National Energy and Climate Plans (NEKP). "

The project holder is the Association for Development NERDA from Tuzla, BiH, while the partners in the implementation of the civil society organization Association for Sustainable Development ASOR from Serbia, the Network for the Promotion of Climate Change and Energy - CLEAN from Montenegro and the Center for Sustainable Development - CPOR from Serbia, which will have the role of media partner in the project.