The aim of the conference was to point out the fact that the average citizen (average household) of Serbia consumes up to three times more energy than in some Western European countries and to draw attention to the fact that sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are inseparable parts of the whole. by looking at local communities. ASOR promotes the idea that local communities are most responsible for the rational use of every available energy resource. Keynote lectures, followed by discussion, were given by prominent experts, members of Serbian scientific institutions and university professors.

The main speakers of the conference were:
- Dr. Dragoljub Dakić - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade - Innovation Center
- Dr. Dušan Ignjatović - Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
- Dr. Ljubisav Stamenić - International Expert in Photovoltaic Technologies, University of Vancouver, Canada
- Dragan Mrkalj - Office for European Integration

The conference gathered more than 70 people who were very active during the discussion that followed.